Friday, September 22, 2006


It here!!!!! The week 3 jitters. Sure, you managed to grab LJ @ the 2 spot, or Steve Smith managed to fall to you in the 2nd round. T J Hoseyourmama was your steal in the 4th.... Shut the fuck up & manage yer team. Fall prey to the early season sweats, & pull off that knee jerk trade, cause yer sweatin being 0-2.

If this was real life, you would be homeless by now. Jesus, the world wont end, if your &100.00 team doesn't make the playoffs. Your wife wont sleep with the garbage man( she already is). Your dog will love you, even after you beat it & make it lick peanut butter off your nuts, you depraved, slack jawed, drooling, spastic gnomes.
Manage your teams, like a professional. So what, this season is a bust, dont cave yet. Plenty of fantasy teams have started the season 0-2 & managed to win the Superbowl in their leagues.

I started the season 0-3-1, 2 years ago, and won the superbowl in my $500.00/team league. Its like Magic Mushrooms, its all about peaking at the right time

If you start making panic trades now, you might as well move to Hollywood and Vine, & become a cheep male prostitute now. There is still alot of season to go, & stupid panic moves will only doom you now. Suck it up, push out your chest & be proud of your 0-2 status... Come week 6 & your 2-4, then you can make stupid moves, but ONLY if you get picks for next year. DO NOT help out a team this year, if you get no juice for NEXT YEAR!!!!!

LJ had 2 off weeks w/ no TDs & has a bye. Someone offered me Tom Brady for LJ straight up!!, He was looking for the panic that most feel. I didnt give in, nor should you.

Remember, Panic is only for girls who dont swallow, & fags ( not that there's anything wrong with that, ya homo) who go bare back.

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