Friday, September 29, 2006

Degenerate Gamblers V 2.0 week 4

Shut up bitches... No one feels worse than me with last weeks 0-2-1 $550.00 deficit. You are still up $420.00 for the year with the 5-3-1 season record against the spread.

I have been back in the States for over 2 weeks, and still am not home yet, so my patience is wearing thin, whining will get my acid up, so roll with the punches, tighten up your chin strap, and enjoy the E-ticket ride that is Degenerate Gamblers.

The picks

Charlie Frye handed the Ravens a win last week, by actually passing into the endzone, with a lead, late in their game. San Diego wont make that poor choice this week, as LT & Gates sing the old Talking Heads song, Take Me To The Rivers. San Diego - 2.5 will be a $330.00 play

Seattle/Chicago should be a good Game. No SA, means Hass will have to throw into the teeth of what may be one of the better defenses. Rex has been playing way above his ability for 3 weeks. Sorry rex, but that is about to end. Sea + 3.5 will eke out a win. $220.00 says Seattle wins this one.

Minn plays a Buffalo team, that is a roller coaster in it self. They never know what team is going to show up. Minny has been playing well, & the 420 year old Brad Johnson, has been steady. I expect this to come down to the kicking game, and Minny grabbing 1 point, while not a lot, is still my choice. Minn +1 will be a $220.00 play.

Teaser of the week.
I love this teaser. I am risking $110.00 to get a $330.00 payoff, and I highly recommend you do too. 6 point Teaser.....

San Diego +3.5
Minny +7
Carolina -1
Seattle +9.5

that's it for this week, so go on with your lives, and put a fresh coat of lime on the bodies you have buried under your porch.

Later you winning wannabes

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