Thursday, September 21, 2006

Degenerate Gamblers V 2.0 week 3

Its early in the week, but I have to get this done, as I am going into the Black Hole. America still has little pockets of blackness, where cell phones and internet are NOT an option, and Fort McCready in South Carolina is one of them.

But, the B-B-Q is king down there, so its all good. I am home from the war & am about to embark on my de-mobilization process, which will be painful for me, as it it way too time consuming for an ADHD person.

Congrats to all of you boot lickers, who were smart enough to jump on my back, and ride the crest of the wave to a $800.00 winfall last week. Going 3-0 against the numbers is no small task, but it became increasingly easier, with the early lines, so I will take my 5-1 season record, and the $970.00 profit from that record to battle the man yet again this week, again going with the early lines, as the opening paragraph 'splains it Lucy.

The Pick$$$$$$

Rex Grossman seems to have not read the memo stating that he SUCKS, & Brad Johnson didn't get his informing him that he's old. Chicago is spotting 3 to a Minnesota team, that has been suprisingly sound. Travis Taylor has been dropping balls, but it hasn't hurt them.....YET. It will this week, as Chicagos D lays the smack down on the Geritol Kid. Chi-3 is a $330.00 play.

Charlie Frye, is a nice scrambling option to have for Romeo Crennell, But the Baltimore D, though OLD is still better than the O of Cleveland. While I search for bad numbers, to play my hard earned cash with, Batl - 6.5 is about where I would put it. Balt -6.5 is a $220.00 play here.

Monday Night Madness brings the Hairy Mole (Drew Brees) to the National stage, and gives everybody a chance to watch the hype that is Reggie Bush, play against the big boys. But the Atlanta VD backfield (Vick-Dunn) will be too much for Nawlins to cope with. Atl-3 will be a $330.00 play.

That it for this week, you morons, psychopaths, and mental defectives.



Professor Ellis D Trails said...

gotta be careful for that emotional upgrade the saints will get from re-opening the dome. It is one of those sneaky games. I pick the saints to not only cover, but to win outright.

Professor Ellis D Trails said...

btw, thanks for stealing my day, LOL

Southie Savant aka jimed said...

Sorry Brutha. I didnt post it, I only had it as a draft. Feel free to run naked through my day, I wont complain a bit.

Professor Ellis D Trails said...

no problem, but only because you defend everything I believe in. Hail Jimed

Southie Savant aka jimed said...

I cant believe you believe in anal sex with complete strangers also....