Friday, September 15, 2006

Degenerate Gamblers V 2.0 week 2

This is my last missive from the beautiful sands of Kuwait/Iraq. I hop on a freedom bird tomorrow(thurs), and look back on my 6 month tour with a tear in my eye. Not because I am going to miss this god forsaken barren wasteland, but because I am soon to be out of a tax-free status. Yes kids, Uncle Sugar will soon have his sweaty, filthy hands in my wallet again.
Last week, this spot went 2-1 against the number. For a net profit of $170.00. I know $170.00 isn’t a lot of money, but over a 17 week season, you would have $2890.00, to use on your pedophiliac defense lawyer, ya sickos.
This spot has been a haven to the fringe of society… shut-ins, mental wards, Goths, accountants, for a while now and 98% of them will agree, that banana flavored paste is the best.
This weeks picks…………………
Min coming off of an impressive Monday night win, is spotting 7 to a Carolina team, that seemed to be running in the deep end of the local YMCA pool. That changes this week, as I see Carolina winning outright. $330.00 on Car+7
San Diego -7 to a Tenn team, that was being shut out by the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS, is a viable option to make the purse a little bigger. S.D -7 is a $220.00 play here
Baltimore pitched a shutout last week, and Oakland was blanked….you do the math. $330.00 says this trend continues, Balt-7 is the play.
Good bye from hell, ya Father Rapers

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