Friday, September 08, 2006

Degenerate Gamblers v. 2.0 Week 1

Greetings from the shit.. I have My official date when I return to the World… 9/15/06..Hoorah 7 days and a wakeup… For those who don't know, I have been shanghaied By the Navy, for arduous duty in Kuwait for these last 6 months.

For all of the rest of the faithful readers, asylum patients, and social pariahs, I hope you remember me come Christmas, as I made you $2920.00 last year, going 36-34-2 against the spread.

Normally I would place my wagers with my local goomba bookie friend, but being 6000 miles away, he was reluctant to take my call…. Something about off shore gambling being targeted by the Feds, & on a government phone no less. But Fear not, you drool bib wearing lemmings, I have found the only bookie in Kuwait. A master sergeant of the Asian persuasion, whose love of the action, is second only to his taste for dog meat.

Climb on my back, & make a bundle again this year… but remember, you cant claim this as advice on your 1040 next year.

Like last year, I am setting aside $1000.00 of my hard earned cash, and risking it every week, as you should be doing. Hell, I will STILL be up 1920.00 from last year.

Right to the picks……

Dallas, making one last push to get back to the promised land, will ride the back of the Bipolar TO… Dallas grabbing 2.5 from a team with No wide receivers (Jacksonville) will be a 330.00 play

Peyton Playing Little bro. peaks my interest. The Gints are improving & Indy is starting to age. No Edge?? No Problem. Indy giving 3.5 to an improving Gints will be a 330.00 play.

Philly –4 against a team that doesn’t know how to draft?? Phil –4 destroys Houston. A 220.00 play if ever I saw one.

See all you Father Rapers next week..

Peace out!!

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