Sunday, May 07, 2006


I have to admit, I haven't been able to keep up with whats been going on in the sporting world. Just haven't had the time, what with trying to keep 57 knuckleheads alive & maintain good order and discipline. But that doesn't mean I cant check in every once and a while to say hola.

Every week or so I run a convoy into southern Iraq, dropping off up armored killing machines, & pick up broke dick ones, so my time is limited to planning movements, reading the latest intel, & seeing that my troops are drinking enough water.

Interesting story of the month.

I was checking my email in one of the internet cafe trailors, a camp provided luxury, in which you are alloted 10 minutes, due to the fact there are 20 computes & 10,000 swinging dicks that want to use them. So there I am checking in back home, when this hottie from the army interupts me stating " can I borrow the computer for a minute. My friend told me there was a picture of me in my underwear on this computer, which I didn't pose for." So me being the upstanding citizen soldier that I am, agreed that she should look for said picture. I minimized my work, and was about to rise from my chair, when she leaned over me, and grabbed my mouse.

I am not a pervert, & I don't have a penchant or younger girls, as I have a 19 year old daughter, about the same age as this soldier, but when she leaned over me, her heaving breasts made contact with both of my shoulders, thus forbidding me from rising anytime in the near future, and with the prospect of seeing the said picture, I may have needed a quick change of clothes.

She spent 2 minutes searching through the pictures tab, and found nothing, thanked me for my time and left. she was no longer than 5 steps away when I right clicked the desktop, clicked on properties, & did a browse. as the door to the trailor closed, the image of her appeared. This was boarder line porn, and in no way, shape or form, could she have not known there was a camera present. In the image, at the top of the frame, there is a set of feet, up by her head, and the image was taken from another angle, meaning there were at LEAST 3 people present.

My buddy was on the next computer over and heard the exchange between us. Now as I called his name & he glanced over, surprise emitted from his sullen face. Like a gunslinger, in a blink of an eye, he had his flash drive out of his pocket, was in front of the cpu & had it insertred in the usb port, in the time it would take you to unzip your fly.

I hope the image comes out in these pages well. I have a feeling that I wont be able to upload it, but I will try.

Love ya lots



Creek! said...

Guess what boys, I just enlisted! Yee-haw!

wikkidpissah said...

here's to those who go down to the sea in ships! but here's more to those who go down to the floor in shifts!!

Southie Savant aka jimed said...

I know I would have the same dumb smile as the pillow if I were there

Professor Ellis D Trails said...

my goodness man, I would let her guard my fortress anytime.


Anonymous said...

Christ Jimed, she's a Smoker! Guess that makes you a level 1 Pervert...great story,Snipes.

skisteve said...

Any followup on this girl? :)

Anonymous said...

Nice Photoshop work! The face and body are not a match, but I bet the face girl has a brand new social life that she never dreamed of before.