Friday, January 06, 2006


Hello faithful. Its the best time to be a gambler, the 1-and-done season. The games mean so much more, and the intensity level escalates to the nth degree. playbooks get a little bit tighter, & trickeration becomes a means to an end.

Last week I advised a play on Miami getting 5.5 from a New England team that wanted no part of winning the game. They failed to notify Matt Cassells, who threw a TD with no time on the clock at the end of the game. Thank God they called a play from the sidelines as they lined up to go for 2, or else the Pats could have found themselves playing a rolling Pittsburgh team at home.

Last week I went 1-0 putting $330.00 into the envelope, bring my season total to 31-31-2 for a tidy $2280.00 profit.

This weeks plays
Cincy is a home dog, getting 3 from a very hot Pittsburgh team. I love home dogs, but not this week. The Bus is on a mission, & his teammates want him to get to Detroit this year. $220.00 says Pitts gets it done this week & another $220.00 on the game going over 43.

Jacksonville is the weak sister everyone wanted to play. They have no offense & are getting 7.5 with the over/under set at 37. I have the Pats teased with the under on this one.
Pats -1.5 & under 43 get a $330.00 play.

also did a $100.00 moneyline parlay

Good luck & good gravey


Professor Ellis D Trails said...

I heard you are leaving the LR, say it ain't so brudda

Watership2 said...

wuzzup with the window lickers? i think i tied with wikkid for the title.

wikkidpissah said...

i think you won by one, squishyschooner. i counted it for my column, but i could be wrong

and, i dont think jimed has much of a choice (another reason to hate dubya) about leaving for a while, professor - he'll be back for some, if not all, of the '06 season, i think.

Noodles said...

Stay safe Jimed, and hury back intact.

Professor Ellis D Trails said...

take care of yourself jimed, hope to see you cak here real soon.