Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Noodle in a Haystack

Last weekend I went 3-1 picking the wild card games, but I'll go ahead and downgrade to 3-2 for failing to predict that wild card weekend would be such a snoozer. I've been hyping myself up for months waiting for the playoffs, but the first weekend left me very unsatisfied. Two blowouts, a game between 2 teams that couldn't score in a whore house and finally a game ruined by a major injury in the opening minutes. Ah well, at least now we can let the real fun begin.

Saturday, January 14, 2006
Washington at Seattle
On paper, Seattle is the best in the NFC. Too bad they don't play the games on paper though, as Seattle found out last time these 2 squads met. A heavey dose of Shaun Alexander and an efficient game from Matt Hassselbeck should keep the Seahawks from needing a Josh Brown FG at the buzzer this time. Look for the suddenly productive Jerramy Stevens to have an impact on this one at some point, he has really been developing nicely over the last month and should be on fantasy radar for next year.
Seattle 27
Washington 16

New England at Denver
This one looks like the game of the weekend. Denver has been solid all year long, but Shanahan's boys have choking mightily in the playoffs since Elway rode off in to the sunset.
Contrast that with the Patriots, who have looked shakey all year, but re-emerged last weekend looking like the playoff juggernaut they we have come to expect them to be.
Ultimately, I think this one comes down to quarterbacks, and you should know better than to think I'd ever take Jake over Tommy boy. One guys makes mistakes, one guy doesn't.
New England 31
Denver 23

Sunday, January 15, 2006
Pittsburgh at Indianapolis
You all know by now that I'm a Colts homer, so I'm not going to pretend to be objective about this one. I'll be there and I'll be loud. Big Ben is going to wish he never opened his mouth and accused us of piping in sound.
Colts win.

Carolina at Chicago
Carolina was the one result I got wrong last week, but as I mentioned they're a Jekel and Hyde kind of team. Last week I picked the ugly Panthers to show up and they didn't. This week I'm picking the good Panthers to show up.
The Panthers D made Eli Manning look like a confused little boy, and I fully expect them to do the same to an even less experienced Rex Grossman.
The only thing that can stop Carolina is Carolina.
Panthers 27
Bears 13

There you have it folks. I can't believe I pulled off a winning record last week, but I'll be back to eat my humble pie when it all come crashing down. Until then, watch out for bumper cars and don't take any wooden nickles.

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