Monday, December 19, 2005

Noodle in a Haystack

Congratulations to the 1972 Miami Dolphins. You can continue to be the only undefeated team in the superbowl era, and the rest of us can go back to ignoring you.

I know I probably sound like an angry Colts fan, but honestly that isn’t what this is all about. It’s about playa haters like Mercury Morris talking trash about a great team and trying to diminish their achievements. This poor attention starved excuse for a champion can now crawl back into obscurity, his claim to fame safe for at least another year.

It is sad indeed that Morris couldn’t appreciate the Colts and their quest, because with out teams like the Colts, we wouldn’t get the chance to appreciate just how special the accomplishments of the ’72 ‘Phins were. How would he feel if every team in the league had a loss by the end of September every year? What would his reaction be if no one ever came to his door to ask about how the latest undefeated-to-be compares to his long gone squad?

What’s that? I still sound like a sour Colts season ticket holder? Fair enough, but it could also be due to the fact that I know that it doesn’t have to be that way. You see, I'm from Indiana, where basketball is king. The last basketball team to cruise through an NCAA season and tournament undefeated was the 1975-76 Indiana Hoosiers. Those Hoosiers have watched for going on 30 years as teams have tried to duplicate their perfect season, but have always maintained the dignity befitting such an achievement.

In the last 2 years, 3 teams have taken an unbeaten record deep in to the NCAA season. 2 years ago, Stanford got off to a 26-0 start before being upset by an upstart Washington Huskies squad. That same week saw a previously perfect St. Johns team lose their 28th game of the season to Xavier in the Atlantic 10 tourney. Last year, Illinois got all the way to 29-0 before dropping a game Ohio St. Throughout all of this, there was none of the venom displayed by Morris.

While it disappoints me to see that he s so better in his old age, no one can take Mercury Morris’ Superbowl rings away. Well no one but the guy who stole one of them when Morris left it in a hotel bathroom earlier this year. Well, that guy and the guy who bought the other one that Morris auctioned off when he was flat broke after spending all this money on lawyers to get him out of prison after he got caught selling cocaine to a DEA officer.

Now THAT is the angry Colts fan talking.


Professor Ellis D Trails said...

sounds more like a guy who lost in the semis of kill's fanball league to none other than me the Professor.

gado and driver killed you last night.

Noodles said...

Only Gado geting hurt saved you. I'm still proud of my showing in that league. I had the worst team from the start and lost my top 2 picks to season ending injuries. There was some serious WW magic involved in that run.

Professor Ellis D Trails said...

you are definitely right about that. it was amazing that you even made the playoffs, but to take it that far truly shows the wisdom you have. It just goes to show you that when it comes to fantasy sports, the Lockerroom is where it's at.

Professor Ellis D Trails said...

oh yeah, congrats on a great year, i am rooting for indy now that philly is done.