Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Noodle in a Haystack

I would like to give a special Lockerroom recognition to Sean Landetta. Landetta returned to the NFL last night to punt for the Eagles, and in doing so he has become the last player remaining from the original Tecmo Bowl NES game. He has outlasted the immortal Jerry Rice, and for that Mr. Landetta, LR says BRAVO!

Another fine late season match up for ABC. Too bad the Eagles didn’t feel like showing up. If this game got any uglier, Landetta would have been in at QB. The game got so bad that in the 3rd quarter, a fan ran out on the field and collected his mother’s ashes.

Am I the only person that finds it a little disingenuous for the Eagles to retire Reggie White’s number so soon after telling TO that the organization doesn’t recognize individual accomplishments? I’m glad they did decide to retire White’s number, I would have watched if my Asian friend hadn’t turned my TV in to a watch.

Did Shawn Alexander just get stabbed in the back by Holmgren again? Seems like this would have been a great opportunity to put some distance between himself and Edge in the rushing race. If Alexander thought losing out to C-mart by a yard hurt, wait until he sees Reggie Bush’s rookie contract.

Has there ever been any swan song as painful to watch as Brett Favre’s? Fat Elvis never looked this bad, but the rhinestones probably had a lot to do with that.

The Colts continue to look unstoppable. In related news, the ’72 Dolphins are asking the liquor store about their return policy on champagne.

Sean Landetta might be a viable option at QB for the Bears too. For the record, GM Jerry Angelo has denied asking Archie Manning if he has any secret illegitimate children that will be draft eligible soon.

Remember a few weeks ago when everyone was calling the NFC North the worst division ever? Why isn’t there the same venom for the AFC east right now? That whole division looks like its tanking to get Reggie Bush.

It took almost 3 quarters of the season, but it looks like Jake Plummer finally remembered that he is Jake Plummer. Let the Van Pelt watch begin!

The Vikings look like they might be able to salvage a playoff berth. In a strange twist, they have to be the only team ever to be glad not to have a shot a bye. Lake Minnetonka in January has got to be booked anyway.

That all for this week folks, I’ll be back next week with more useless video game trivia disguised as sports news.

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