Thursday, December 29, 2005


AHHHH The seasons winding down & the real season is beginning. After a 2-2 week that saw me pocket $110.00 of the mans money, I now stand at 30-31-2 against the number, for a tidy profit of $1950.00. That will be good enough to get me an all expenses paid trip to the Middle East for 6 months.

Maybe I'll write a book when I get back, titled "How to backpack through Bumfuck Baghdad on 8 drachmas a day"
After looking at some Huge numbers for some meaningless games, I decided to consolidate & choose just 1 game to play. That would be Miami getting 5.5 from my home town Patriots. I have the feeling that Brady & co don't play very long in this one. If they win & Cincy looses, the Pats gain the #3 seed, meaning a home game against Pittsburgh, & then a road trip to Denver, should they survive Pitts. Not a favorible matchup.

If they lose, they get an offensive challenged Jacksonville team at home & then travel to Indy for the marquee matchup of the playoffs. A much more easier road to the superbowl in my opinion.

So let us raise a glass or 20 to 2006 & drop $330.00 on Miami getting 5.5.

The real season has a potential to be a real profitable one.


Professor Ellis D Trails said...

weren't you the least bit tempted to take one to possibly put you over the .500 mark

Southie Savant aka jimed said...

nope, not for a minute