Friday, December 23, 2005


This is where it gets interesting. Teams fighting to get in the playoffs, clawing and scratching each other to get in. Then there are the teams that are locks, Do they play their starters for more that 2 series? Or the teams that are hopelessly out of the mix, playing for pride and a decent draft pick. You have to decipher much more than the line this week, more than anything. Good Luck.

I tested my return to church theory last week, by not attending. It would seem that there is something to it. It is Christmas weekend, so I will be attending twice.

Last week I dropped $520.00 going 1-3 on my picks. Bringing my season winning totals to 28-29-2 against the number, for a net profit of $1840.00. Still not to shabby for being in the hole $1800.00 4 weeks ago.

This weeks picks

NY Giants +3 at Washington. Manning has been forced to make some bad decisions with the ball as of late, but I think he overcomes it this week, & Tiki has another HUGE day.Place $220.00 & Take the points.

Pittsburgh at Cleveland. Always a grudge match. The over under is set at 32.5, a number that will be surpassed midway through the 3rd quarter, as Pittsburgh tunes up for the playoffs. The over gets a $330.00 play.

Pats -6 at Jets on the last Monday Night Football game on ABC.Jets suck & the pats front 7 have improved against the run. from 27th down to 8th in 6 weeks. Bollinger cant beat them from the prone position. Lay the points for $330.00.

TEASER special. 6 pointer $330.00/600.00

PITT/CLE Over 26.5

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Watership2 said...

i hope to hell you're wrong on the Giants! they play in the visiting team's stadium & the Redskins won't show any love after being blown out in their last meeting.