Friday, December 16, 2005


Welcome back faithful. Mr Anonymous, you appear to have a little something on your mouth, from that shit sandwich you ate last week.

It was another stellar week for me against the numbers. Posting a 4-0 record for the week, putting $1480.00 into the till. Bringing my season tatals to 27-26-2 and $2360.00 into the Hedonisim travel fund.

I have done really well in the last 3 weeks, picking 11 of 12 winners, for a combined total of $3780.00. I would like to give all the credit to my keen eye, spotting bad numbers and pouncing on them early in the week, but I have to give the credit to my higher power.

Exactly 3 weeks ago, I started attending church again, and the numbers dont lie. Now, I am not attending looking for Divine intervention, praying for my poor soul because I am going to a war zone. Praying for the Pats to right their ship & win their 3rd superbowl in a row. No, I am attending church for a much nobler reason, my 8 year old daughter became an alter server, & I wanted to keep my eye on her, while showing her that I support her decision. She's happy I go to church now, I'm happy I can look out for her. Win/Win.


Seattle -7.5 plays Tennessee. Lay the points, as Holmgren tries to rest his players early. Oh yeah, looks like Seattle gets Darrell Jackson back this week, just in time for their playoff run.
$220.00 says Seattle is up so big, Alexander takes off his pads at halftime.

Cincy-8 against Detroit. Carson Palmer threw up a stinker last week, killing me in my money league playoffs, but that was an aberation. Rudi is back, and he means business. Detroit is playing out the schedule, in hopes of drafting yet another big play wide receiver in the draft. Cincy laying the lumber gets a $330.00 play.

Arizona plays a Houston team, that by all right should be under investigation by the NFLs competition commitee. You cannot convince me that Kris Brown missed that 31 yard field goal wide left honestly. No one misses a field goal by 40 yards wide left. I'm sure there was a bag full of money delivered to his locker, after the press left the locker room last Sunday. The Reggie Bush experience will set up shop in Houston next year.
If I'm Houston, I trade the pick to Indy, for their entire starting offensive line. Edge is a free agent, so you get your star RB, for cheap & free up a whole lot of cap room trading 6 offensive lineman.
Arizona giving 2 gets a $330.00 play.

6 point teaser special
Arizona +4
risk $300.00 for a $600.00 gain.

Look for the envelope again this week. You too, anonymous felcher.

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