Thursday, December 08, 2005


As we say in the military, Never leave your buddies behind. Thank you Rebecca Romijn for divorcing Stamoses dumb ass.

Welcome back Faithful readers. You too Mr anonymous asshole, I guess. Last week I went 3 out of 4 for a gain of $710.00. Bringing my season totals to 23-26-2, and taking $880.00 of the mans money. Not too shabby, when you figure that Iwas down $1420.00 not but 2 weeks ago.

Last Sunday was BLACK SUNDAY for bookies everywhere, as 12 0f 16 teams that were supposed to win, with the number that was set, did. I know my guy was moaning to me about taking a beating. I am sure some odds maker in Vegas is looking for a new job this week also. I am sure the sports books got killed also, as locals use their number, till late Sunday mornings.

So, I thank you Mr. Generous Week 13 Linesmaker. And I hope you have many weeks like it.

This weeks wagers.

I never bet for or against the Pats, for thats where my allegiance lies. But this week, they can actually clinch a divisional title, BEFORE Indy! New England spottind the home dog Bills 3 will be a $220.00 play. Mularkey is about to T.O. Eric Moulds for popping off about play calling, & Willis McGahee isn't happy about not getting the ball on second down. Instead Loseman tried to force it to Lee Evans, resulting in an interception. Which started the Bills fall from grace last weekend.

I know Jacksomville Plays Indy tough. Tougher at home, & getting 7 as a home dog seems the smart play. But not this week. Risking $330.00 on Indy to lay the lumber on the Jaguars. I mean, they were up 35-3 late in the 4th quarter last Sunday & Manning was still taking snaps. Dungey must really want that 16-0 record. But if they lose in the playoffs, the season for the ages becomes the comedic performance of the year. My bet is on another playoff collapse.

Washington travels to the Desert this week, & gives the home Cardinals 3 points. Warner is slinging it pretty good, but Washingtons front 7 will snap him in half. Place $330.00 on Wash.

Teaser special, 6 point variety

risking $300.00 to make a $600.00 profit.

See you at the pay window.


wikkidpissah said...

go get em jimmy - never leave your bookies behind!

havent done this yet this season & prolly wont do it again, but i want this recorded somewhere. the steelers are one of the locks-of-the year (-5.5) this wk as they should win by 17 or so. the steeler d gets a chance to kick some serious orton ass after facing indy & cinci and will seriously do so. wikkid's money-back guar-on-tee*

*wikkid's money-back guar-on-tee only effective with the beachside bookmakers of the Maldives & in the acid flashbacks of '70s Harvard Rat bartenders.

Anonymous said...


I guarentee all three of those picks are losers...I wish I could book your action. SQUARE, Joe Public plays per and simple...