Friday, December 02, 2005


kinda brings a whole new meaning to the term HEAD OF STATE. Say what you want about Clinton, but he was smart enough NOT to be photographed with his human humidore


SWEET: Like Mya Angelou said all those years ago, "AND STILL I RISE" Like the mythical phoenix, I have risen from the ashes of a lost season, to not only sweep the week, but to erase a $1400.00 deficit, & actually be back upon the positive side. My 4-0 against the number this week put $1590.00 into my pocket, but I got to tell you it wasn't easy.

The break down went this way.

Carolina-3.5 going against a tougher Buffalo team than I thought. Carolina ends up covering by .5 for me, but I was sweating bullets the entire way. $330.00 in my pocket.

San Diego -3. Played a sleeper of a game, down 10 points in the 4th quarter. I felt like I was going to lose this game. LT2 then decides to come alive, ripping off a long td to force OT. I'm laying 3 & figure the Best I can do is get a push, saving myself $330.00. Washington was napping & gates makes a 25 yard tiptoe down the sideline reception & I'm in business, almost in fg range, just 1 more 1st down & a few add on yards & I break even. But LT2 rips off another long TD in overtime I win outright. Now the odds of a td in ot for the win when you are laying between 3-5.5 is like 17% or so.

St.L -3.5 against St. Marys school for the special needs, or the Houston Texans for short. I know what you are thinking, Bulgers out, bring on the pain SJAX. Jamie Martin goes down like a ton of bricks on his 4th pass attempt, & they have to bring in a Rookie QB, a 7th round Rookie. A ROOKIE FROM FRIGGIN HARVARD!!!!!!!!

Oh shit says I. I have lived in Boston all most all of my life, except for the 5 years on active duty in the Navy, I have known a TON of guys named Fitzy, hell, some of them were pretty good ball players, but none of them ever went to college. I figure Fitzys gonna give the rock to SJAX ALL DAY. he might end up throwing 12-15 passes.

Much like the Patriots did when Brady was given controll after Bledsoe nearly died from internal bleeding, Torry Holt(his best game EVER as a pro) & CO. Rally round the Rookie, as he throws for over 300 yards. St louis is down big in the 4th quarter, so I'm thinking I'm only up $330.00 for the day so far, as this loss will cancel out 1 of my previous wins. But by some mysterious way, the Rams force OT. Me being a gambling man, I have a good grasp of the odds, & figure that 1 OT td on the day was way more than a man could ask for, but to hit the Daily Double on 2 long shot pigs going off at 99/1 was like a 1.5% probability. Lo and behold Fitzy hits Kevin Curtis on a WR screen, from the SLOT position no less, & he scampers 55 yards to pay dirt. I am beside my self with glee, & my wife said she found me attractive again all of a sudden. I cant lose today.

All I had to do was wait out the Sea/ Giants game, as I took all 3 above in a 6 point teaser along with NY Giants +11.5. That turns into another overtime game, but I'm gettin 11.5 & another $600.00 on top of my $990.00 from earlier plays. I cant lose today. up $1590.00 & I'm gonna get laid, hell I even watched the first quarter of the Sunday night game with the 2 schleprock teams in the NFL. Then the Phone rings.................................................


Like I said, the phone rings. I'm on cloud 9 & aint nothing gonna bring me down. Or so I thought.
Now most of you know I have been in the Reserves since I got out of the Navy in 1989. My Good friend Ozzie called me up & informed me that I was on a short list.

A short list for what, I said. A short list for recall to active duty, says he. I enquired as to how he came about this information, & he said I should probably check my email. So with out ruining what is so far a good evening for my wife, I log on & there it is.

CM1 Edwards, you are being recalled to active duty for 1 year, for Duty in Northern Kuwait/ Iraq. You will be given official orders at a later date. But for now, plan on some time in January. Early January.

I get to spend Christmas with my 3 smallest kids 8-6-4. But My oldest is in California at Berkeley. She will be coming home for the holidays this year. Good for me.

So I break it to the old lady as gentle as I can. Now I have tell you, MRS. Edwards was not happy when I was recalled for 2 years following 9-11. & I was 90 miles away & home every weekend.

Let me tell you, she is not a big fan of the Navy now. I tried to explain that we got to fuck like rabbits from now till January, cause its going to be a lonely time in the desert with the camel spiders, but she was having none of it.

So, now I am going to have to try to have All of my fantasy Drafts either picked by proxy, or delayed as late as humanly possible next year. The only Good news to come out of it is that I will only be 6 months "Boots on the ground" there. So if I can get there by the first week of March, I should be all set.

I will be the Senior Mechanic over there, & will be running the Motor pool, but that means going & towing out bombed out hulks from ambush attacks. I failed to tell my wife this, as she might cap me now, to collect the life insurance.


It is now a must win game for Pittsburgh. that being said, you just dont spotCincy points this year. $220.00 with Cincy getting 3

Tampa -3.5 is the smart play here. New Orleans just wants the year to end. $220.00 on Tampa-3.5

Kansas City is the conundrum...... Denver can put it away this week with a tough road win. Denver giving 1.5 will get a $330.00 play this week

Teaser $300.00/600.00
Cincy +9
Tampa Bay +2.5
Denver + 4.5
New England -4


wikkidpissah said...

holy crap, jimmie - bad news to get any time but, b4 the holidays, that sucks. keep your head & ass DOWN - Southie, LR & I need all the Savants we can get!!!!

Creek! said...

Good luck, Jimmy. Don't know what we'll do without you for a year... well, we'll probably be a little sad at 1st, but then continue to have fun, but you know what I'm trying to say.

Since it is the Navy, you may want to keep your ass UP if you get lonely..... you know, if you're into that sorta thing.