Thursday, November 10, 2005



From one who still serves, to all who have served, have a safe and happy holiday. you earned it.

Pat Tillman, you are not forgotten.

Rocky Blier, thank you.


wikkidpissah said...

men of arms, we salute you. may you remain ever safe in your actions, sure in your motives & secure in the knowledge that, no matter how your countrymen feel about the particular arenas in which you endeavour, we support you each with humility & gratitude.

on a personal note, may i also wish stefano selevicius, my eldest son, a happy 35th birthday. papa loves you and wishes you well. godDAMN am i old!

Creek! said...

Veterans, you guys kick ass.

Happy birthday to Stefano, and my condolences to Wikkid on being godDAMN old.

Professor Ellis D Trails said...

Coming from a long line of servicemen, I want to thank everyone who has defended freedom.