Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Noodle in a Haystack

Before we get started this week, let me make one thing perfectly clear: I am a Colts fan. In fact I am a season ticket holder. I tell you this to clear up any misconceptions that might arise.

Furthermore, I should tell, you that I was at the game, and I have been drinking. I tell you this to clear up any typos that arise.

For those of you that have never been to a marquee match up on Monday night, I must tell you that the atmosphere is far beyond your standard NFL contest. This is particularly magnified when the home team is in the midst of a full fledged assault on an unbeaten season.

Coming into the game many prognosticators were picking the Steelers, if for no other reason than to affirm their belief that every team must lose eventually so why not now?

The Colt quickly dismissed this notion as pure hyperbole, stopping the Steelers with a 3 and out before responding with a one and done.

For any naysayers, the Colts first possession was as much a religious conversion as a wake up call. A one play strike to Marvin Harrison brought 80 yards of fury for then non believers.
After the initial barrage, Pittsburgh was able to hang close due manly to the excessively heavy handed flagging by the officiating crew. Even after such obvious travesties as an unsportsmanlike conduct call on Harrison, the Colts were able to maintain a 16-7 lead at halftime.

In the second half the Colts were able to show why they are the class of league, shutting out the Steelers while extending their margin of victory to 26-7.

While I can’t speak too highly of the Pittsburgh team that rolled over and died, I would be remiss if I didn’t say something positive about their fans. I have been to every Colts home game this year, and this was by far the strongest support that an opposing team has gotten. Their fans travel well, which is something that every true sports fan should appreciate.

In closing, I feel that I should take this opportunity to tell all of you that the Colts are going undefeated. You might be able to tell me I am drunk, but can you tell me I am wrong?

I’ll be back next week, unless wikkid shows me the door. How drunk and euphoric I am is, as they say in the biz, to be decided.


wikkidpissah said...

there's the door - can i come in & have a beer?

Professor Ellis D Trails said...

coming from a lifetime eagles fan, you may have just jinxed them there colts