Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Noodle in a Haystack

The NFL is a strange league indeed. Just when you think you know what’s going on, a Chicago breeze comes along and changes your mind like a Cody Pickett pass changes directions.

Somewhere Jason Elam is smiling. Not because of his perfect kicking performance on Sunday (3-3 FG, 2-2 PAT), but because David Akers failed in his attempt to become join him as the only man to kick a 60+ yarder in the NFL without the aid of a clubbed foot.

Anyone else find it amusing that Samkon Gado wanted to be a doctor, and now he is making a reputation for himself based solely on the injuries of other Packer backs?

Does Jessie Jackson know what he is getting in to with TO? The reverend must not get ESPN back at rainbow push headquarters, otherwise he’d realize that Owens would throw Rosa Parks under a bus if meant he’d get an extra nickel of bonus money or a second of air time.

No one would trade a 2nd round pick for Shaun Alexander? I’m looking at you Andy Reid.

No one would trade a 2nd round pick for Edge? I’m still looking at you Andy Reid.

Even after all the bad publicity from the TO ordeal, look at the deal Clinton Portis got, compare it to what SA and Edge got last off-season, and tell me that Rosenhaus isn’t one hell of an agent. As a fan, I can’t help but hate him, but if it’s my ligaments on the line, no way I trust my contract to anyone else.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are one injury / XFL performance away from putting Antwaan Randle El in to run the show. If my choices are Tommy Maddox throwing the ball or Antwaan running the triple option, I’m not thinking twice about it. Has there ever been a team more perfectly suited for the triple-O? They have the fullback for it in Bettis, the outside back for it in Parker, and the potential running QB in Randle El. Toss in the occasional reverse to Hines Ward and you have an offense that can legitimately compete without the use of the forward pass. If I’m a fantasy owner with Randle El on my squad (and I am), I’m starting him at WR and hoping that something causes him to get some time at QB.

Rex Grossman’s leg ought to be healed any day now. Too bad for him no one cares. Note to any high school QB thinking of committing to the Gamecocks, you might get some NFL money but never any NFL respect. Steve Spurrier is Jeff Tedford plus a Heisman and title, great for picking up chicks on campus but bad for your NFL career.

I understand that John Fox is a class act and that he has a great deal of respect for Herman Edwards, but why downplay Ken Lucas’ comments? If Herm and his boys aren’t going to “play to win the game” they ought to expect to hear about it, even from a journeyman CB like Lucas.

That’s all for this week, I’ll be back next Tuesday with a fresh look at the many faces, and numbers, of Ron Artest. Until then, watch the Mike Tice situation carefully, but chances are that if you had him as your fantasy coach you were already screwed before his knee injury anyway.

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ruffbuff said...

E-Lab-O-Rate on this SA and Edge trade bi'ness.

Is this similar to the Fragile Freddy for Rob Johnson trade, but 10 times worse for the eagles.