Friday, November 04, 2005


Did you ever notice a big pile of dog shit on the sidewalk? You know, the one that has been there for a week, in August. Sitting there, day after day, in the sweltering sun, till every last drop of moisture has evaporated from it? That is how this space feel after taking the beating of a lifetime last week. Not since the bombing of Dresden, has such a pounding been witnessed. Going 0-4 is bad enough, but losing $490.00 in the process, makes me think I have no idea what I'm talking about.

So far for the year, this space (for rent) has posted a 9-19-2 record against the number, going a pittiful negative$1280. That is the yearly income of some small third world nations.

As embarrasing as it is, I'm still swinging away, only cause the wife told me to get the money back. So with out further ado, we slip deeper into the looking glass.

Chris Simms, you got the name, but not the game. Carolina-2 gets $220.00 dropped on it.

Kurt warner gets another start this week. Poor Widdow Warner wont be getting much air time when Seattle burries him this week. Seattle -4 has $220.00 of my blood money placed upon the altar of blood.

LT2 (reigning QB rating champ) vs a vulnerable Jest team. HHHMMM $220.00 for SD crushing Jets. SD-6, GIVE!!!

$100.00 tease on above 3 games

Till I reap ther fruits of my labor.......................................yours, Mr. Moron

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