Thursday, November 24, 2005



It is officially make or break week here in the depths of dispairville. I am going out with a bang, or make the mother of all rallies. We here at Sunny Acres recommend the following.

Bet more than you can afford on a Carolina team that will have a HUGE offensive game against a Buffalo team that can't find its identity. We are laying 3.5 for $330.00

I pocketed my meds again last night, they still haven't found the tin foil hat I sleep in. It is the only way to keep the voices out. San diego has found itself in a MUST win game, now that Denver has won (failed to lose) due to a Billy Cundiff missed field goal late in the 4th quarter on Gobbleday. Washington seems to have fallen back to earth, and is relying on its defense TOO MUCH. They wont shut down LT2 & co. Drop $330.00 on San Diego giving 3

Good news for St. Louis fans, Bulger is hurt again. That means a balanced offense, with Stephen Jackson actually getting to preform his job this week. Houston couldn't stop my grandmother on 3 consecutive plays, even if they knew our snap count. $330.00 says St. Louis runs past a Houston team with a 3.5 point head start.

7 point tease+++++++++
CAR +3.5
SD +4
NYG +11.5
The above will be a $300.00 risk, with a $600.00 reward.

My 16-25-2 record has cost me $1420.00. Looks like I will be hawking newspapers at 5:oo AM on a nearby highway on ramp, or turning tricks on syphallitic heroin addicts in the seedier adult clubs around Boston.

Keep your eyes peeled, I might be lurking in your neighborhood soon.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of off ramps, was it you or I.M Bettor that sold me the wilted roses for my girl at 7 bucks a dozen?