Thursday, November 10, 2005


I actually came in on the winning side of the envelope this week. My 3-1 mark against the number, took $400.00 off my deficit. While $400.00 isn't really all that much, it did keep me from selling my wifes hair to the local wig maker.

The lone loss rant!


San Diego is cruising along, LT is having a monster of a game. he has had 4 TDs already & its 3rd & a yard. No brainer, right? Nope, guess again. Marty Shittyheel decides to reward Lorenzo neal for opening up hole for LT. Now for those not well versed in football, Lorenzo neal is one of the best fullbacks in the game. I know fullback is a misnomer, because he generally lines up in FRONT of the halfback, but his primary job is to run into another person on purpose, hopefully someone on the other team. He is a human battering ram, giving up his body to contact, willingly, to ensure that the halfback, ie. the person who actually is supposed to carry the ball, & run AWAY from the other people, to gain ground.

So Shitheel decides to give the ball to a guy who makes his living running into people on purpose. It was Marty's finest moment since his season on camera for ESPN. Do you remember that year? It was almost as if ESPN was complying with the federal Governments American With Disabilities Act. Put the Moron on camera, & we (ESPN) get a walk from the Feds for atleast 5 years.

It appears to me that Marty has forgotten more football, than he ever knew. I know I'm bitter, as this mental midget cost me $440.00, but for christs sake, it is basic Pop-Warner League play!

I happened to send my wife out to pick up some celebritory alcohol beverages in the 4th quarter, as the Chargers were up 31-20. The liquor store had the game on the TV there. My wife ran into one of our friends there, & she was telling him how I was going to sweep the weekend. All that was needed was for san diego to continue to play as they had for the previous 50 minutes.

Now my buddy is a professional photographer & always has a camera with him. The assmunch calls the play, no gain & they kick a field goal. She's not worring. But the Chargers decide to drink Mescal instead of Gatorade, and allow the Jest to march down the field & score.

My buddy sent me this picture, shortly before my wife got home. She says he is no longer welcome in my home.

This weeks wagers.
Carolina -9 against the same Jets. Fox knows football. Give the points for $110.00

Denver -3 vs. Oakland. I like to give 3 here for $110.00

Indy -17.5 against a Houston team that is fielding rejects from the freshman football team . Sometimes its better to give than receive. Give for $220.00

Teaser special
Play these 4 for $100.00 & thank me later. I will take 5 %

Den +3
Indy -12
KC +9

Looking to improve my season totals. 13-20-2gainst the number for a loss of $880.00 so far.

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