Monday, October 31, 2005

Noodle in a Haystack

After a brutal week of hazing, I’m back for a second crack at the ol’ Lockerroom. If I had known that shaved privates itched so badly, I might never have signed up. Oh well, what doesn’t kill us makes us look more like a porn star, or however the saying goes.

Let’s get right to the NFL.

- Now that C-Pep is done for the year, what are the chances that LT throws more TD passes than him this year? At this rate, I am starting to thing that LT is more likely to start at QB for the chargers than Phillip Rivers is. Is there anything he can’t do?

- Only one week removed from completely shutting down the otherwise unstoppable LT, the Eagles defense adhered to the league policy on parity (or is it mediocrity?) by letting the Broncos walk all over them. While I can’t say that I’m surprised to see Mike Anderson and Tatum Bell looking like Terrell Davis and Olandis Gary, I must admit that I never expected Jake Plummer to look anything remotely like John Elway. Now if only Champ Bailey was the shut down corner he was purported to be, they might actually have a stopping Peyton Manning in January.

- Speaking of Mannings, the younger one is starting to look like a real solid young QB. It is way too early to look ahead, but the deep down the NFL has to be praying for a Peyton vs. Eli Super Bowl.

- Someone won that NFC North showdown between the Lions and Bears. Does anyone care who? Me neither. Looks like the NFC playoffs will have a defacto third bye this year.

- Is Carolina really that good or is Minnesota still on the boat? I can tell you one thing, if C-Pep had still been on the field after the game instead of in the lockerroom he would have told Jake Delhomme to make sure that he never ever takes Steve Smith for granted.

- Coach Vitt has been at the helm of the Rams for all of 2 weeks and now he needs a heart procedure of his own. As long as he keeps giving the ball to Steven Jackson he should be able to avoid any future episodes. And speaking of Jackson, he hits the hole with a fighting spirit that would make his NBA namesake proud.

- Did Brett Favre really think he was behind the line of scrimmage when he chucked away Green Bay’s last chance for a win? That was the kind of performance that would get a lesser QB benched, and for good reason. I know that the Pack don’t have much talent around him, but you still have to know when you are five yards past the line of scrimmage.

- On the flip side of the same game, it is becoming apparent that the Bengals are good enough to beat the bad teams, but if they can’t put away a team like Green Bay, then you have to wonder how they’ll handle the playoff caliber teams lurking in their second half schedule. Kudos to anyone who took a flier on the Cincy defense in your fantasy league. If you saw a trio of 5 INT games coming, then you really ought to play the lotto.

- Dallas could be 7-1 right now if not for the 2 games they frittered away in the final moments. Looking forward to a turkey day match up with Dallas? There could be 500 combined rushing yards in that game, and it doesn’t even matter who starts at RB for either team.

- You have to wonder about the NFC when a supposed front runner like Tampa Bay can lose to the 49ers. When Cody Pickett beats you, you have problems. I’ve heard of rookies hitting the wall, but isn’t it a little early for Cadillac Williams to be blowing gaskets? 13 Carries for 20 yards against SF is just downright pitiful.

- Does any team need a QB as badly as the New Orleans Saints do? At some point a couple of years back there was something to like about Aaron Brooks. Watching him now I sure as heck can’t remember what is was.

- Helluva return by Teddy Bruschi. I certainly didn’t expect him to be on the field anywhere near as much as he was. Beating the Bills puts the Pats back on top of their division. If they can beat the Colts they’ll be right back at the top of the league.

- That’s all for this week, I’ll be back next week with full recap of the Colts and Pats, which is shaping up to be the game of the year in the NFL. Until then, stay out of Brett Favre’s backfield. I have a hunch that the next fan to run up on Brett like that is going to get hurt worse than Ahman and Najeh combined.

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