Friday, October 28, 2005


STOP THE PRESSES. I actually finished a week with more money than I began. Granted it was only a measly $170.00 victory, but I have been shelling out money like the Federal Government does to every foreign government with a hang nail.

My 2-2 record for the week, while not overly impressive, did secure me a modest envelope. AS it stands now, $790 to the bad, going 9-15-2 against the number.

KC is getting 6 from a hard to read San Diego squad. I feel this number is way too generous. S.D. should only be laying 3 here. So as a result, this will get $110.00 of my attention.

Cleveland is getting points from the winless, defenseless, Texans!!! I know Dilfer sucks, & Romeo Crennels club is not lighting up the score board, But I gotta think that Mr. Deli Sandwich will run through a HORRIBLE Texans D-Line. This is the Play of the week. Getting $220.00 of my attention

Finally, Arizona getting 9 from a Dallas club that has Bledsoe as a QB????? I mean hell, just last week Bledsoe was playing for Seattle & cemented a win for the Seahawks over the Cowboys. What's that. Bledsoe didn't play for the Seahawks last week?? Coulda fooled me. Bill beats his receivers coach on national TV, for simply talking. I can only imagine what he did to Bledsoe in the privacy of their own bedroom.

Arizona +9 will get $110.00 action.

As an added bonus $50.00 teaser Lay $50 to win $!80
KC +12
CLE + 8
ARZ + 15

Thats it, I'm off like a prom dress. Till next week..........................................

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