Thursday, October 20, 2005


I went 2-2 last week. good enough to set me back $50.00 for the week. That makes me $960.00 closer to poverty for the year.

I was speaking to my wife about the gambling I have been doing. Alright, she was speaking to me in a very loud manner & I was answering in reply, when she brought up a very good question. "What exactly are we getting out of you losing every week"?
I thought long and hard on the subject, & came up with the best possible answer. "I am getting the satisfaction of knowing that the money I am losing, will not be going to you, in the event of a divorce settlement".
I can't begin to tell you how much she laughed at my wit, or was it she was laughing after she kicked me in the nuts? I sometimes get those 2 mixed up, from all the blows to the head with the frying pan.

This weeks picks
Big Ben is back & Pittsburgh is getting a point from Cincy. Take the point for $110.00
Miami should never give points this year. Take K.C getting 1.5 for $220.00
Niel Rackers is giving 3 points to Tennessee this week. Take for $110.00

Teaser special
Pitts. +7
KC +7.5
TENN +10

Wager $50.00 t0 win $180.00

This week I win!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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