Friday, October 07, 2005


Bad week for me, Uncle died, wife's pissed at me & the Red Sox are back to playing cursed baseball.

The faithful degenerates who use these lines are lighting the torches now.
Last week's 1-2 against the number brought me to 4-9-1 against the spread, which has left me $860.00 in the hole. My wife says I am going to have to start selling internal organs soon, or she will.

This weeks picks:

Not often do you see a 4-0 team getting points, but there it is this week. Cincy goes to a tough Jaguar team's house, and gets no love. $110.00 says the Bengals stay undefeated

Philly-Dallas, tough division game against heated rivals. Philly laying 3 for $110.00

I don't recall many winless teams giving points this late in the season, but we have that here. Tennessee grabbing 3 Gets $110.00

Teaser special
I will wager $50.00 to win $180.00

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