Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ask the Experts

As we do every week, its time to open up the overflowing mail sacks & ask the panel of experts the questions you asked.

This weeks panel.

Giuseppe Tortollini- Organ Grinder to the stars.

Anningan Malina- Inuit Chief & professional Baby Seal Clubber for the Adak Axers

Stavros "The Black Hole" Analopolous- World renown animal husbandmen.

Q: This week marks the return of Ricky Williams. What effect will he have on the Fantasy World? Willie P West Allis WI

G.T. I like him. He do his year long worlda tour, he bring me back 5 Spider Monkeys.

A.M Being as he plays for an aquatic mammal team, I feel a certain kinship with him. But I have to tell you, if one of my team mates were that stupid, I'd club him to death.

S.A. Fantasy??? It's been rumored that he lives an alternative life style. If so I would love to show him my Acropolis.

Q: Ahman Greens age & injury. What is his future? Bobby G. Alameda, CA.

G.T. I hadda da monkey with fumblitis once. Damned thing couldn't hold on to da leetle cupa. Poor monkey end up feeding a family of 6.

A.M. His healthy back up is a Fisher. I like that.

S.A. He is a PACKER. That's all I care about.

Q: Indy is the only NFL team that is unbeaten. How long do they stay that way? Don S. Miami, FL.

G.T. Til they playa the Pats on MNF.

A.M. I leave nothing unbeaten.

S.A. I would love to beat them off. It is what I do for a living.

Final Question guys.

Q: What is your favorite position in the NFL? Paul T. New York, N.Y.

G.T. Gotta to be QB. He cranka the handle, make-a the offense dance.

A.M. Safety. He gets to go around looking for targets of opportunity, & beating everything to a bloody pulp in his area.

S.A. Tight End!! On Running plays, he's nice and tight, and gives a hard push, and on passing plays he squats down over the middle, gets wide, and gives a large, inviting target.

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