Wednesday, September 07, 2005

GET YOUR MONEY HERE!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$

I know what you guys are thinking, what a tool, picking Oakland. I gotta tell you, I think the mob got to Seabass, I mean, if he sticks that field goal, in a stadium that is Perfect for kicking games, then they make the number.
I know the final was a 10 point difference, but if they score on the missed fieldgoal, then they go for the extra point, after the last TD. The fact that Vinny had an extra point blocked is inconsequential.

This Sundays wagering will go a little something like this.

Saint Louis -6 over a sad San Francisco team. This is like stealing money from the man, & he ain't coming looking for ya. I have $220.00 on this one.

Indy -3 over a Baltimore team with a high school QB. More easy money, but Balt's D scares me a little, where 1 wrong move, or 1 tipped ball, makes this laugher just about the number. i feel Indy should win by 7, so I have $110.00 on the line.

Cincy - 3 to a wishy washy Cle. team. Romeo will have them fired up, but I feel cincy is THE up and coming team in the NFL. I have this feeling that they will rank 3rd in offense behind Indy & Minn. This game gets $110.00 on cincy -3.

Total wagered this week---$770.00

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