Friday, September 30, 2005


I'm going to keep it short, as I have suffered a death in the family, and have to rush out.

I went 1-2 against the numbers last week, losing 110.00 in the process.
That brings me to 710.00 in the hole, on 3-7-1 selections.

This weeks picks.

Home dog special.
Tennessee grabbing 7 as a home dog, always plays Indy tough, if I'm not mistaken, most of their games are usually close. Plus Indy is not playing well offensively $110.00 grabbing the points

Tampa -6.5 at home playing a BAD Detroit team. Joey Harrington hopes to get a tan in Tampa, cause their defense is going to tan his hide.
Give for 220.00

$100.00 6 point tease. This baby will pay 9/5. That should get 180.00 back into my deficit
Tampa -.5
san Diego +11
cinch - 3.5

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melynch said...

I had a death in the family too. Funeral was today, I just randomly clicked next blog and the first blog I came across the first lines were about suffering a death in the fam. Maybe our relatives met eachother on the way up :)
God bless.