Friday, September 23, 2005


My favorite eyetalian was sitting at the counter, eating a canolli when I walked in. Vinny raised his canolli, and thanked me for his car payment this month. I told him that it was an anomaly, and that by week 10, he would be riding the bus again. He asked my if I was gonna take Chicago this week, as he knows I LOVE home dogs, & I had to explain to him my theory of Cincy being this years Colts. He didn't get it, & he wont get my money next week.

After a horrid week 2 killing, I finished 0-3-1, for $270.00 in the hole. Which brings me to a season total of 2-5-1 against the number, & a $600.00 deficit. Not a good way to supplement a bus mechanic's wage.

If I spit the bit this week, look for me as a carney fortune teller, at a fair ground near you.
My wife says I couldn't pick my nose with a head start. She might be on to something there.


Pittsburgh hosts New England this week, in a gauge match. This is the test that both teams need, to see just how good, or bad they are.
This is a classic lunch pail game. Strap it on & bring the pain.
Pittsburgh giving 3 is a &220.00 play

Cincinnati - 3 @ Chicago.
Bears stopped an up & down offense last week in Detroit. Cincinnati is the NOUVEAU offense in theb NFL. Take Cincinnati laying the points for $220.00

Battle of the Bays.....
Tampa brings the Caddy to Green Bay this week. Favre is a Hall Of Famer in waiting, but he would be more comfortable waiting in a recliner. Tampa rolls on the GB squad. Tampa laying 3 is a $110.00 play.

Heres hoping that I can turn this car wreck of a season around right now.

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