Thursday, September 15, 2005


I gotta tell you, I hate the first week or two of the NFL season. The Vegas wiseguys are not quite zoned in yet, and the numbers are usually as far off as a sociopaths CAT SCAN readings.

Week 2 finds me 2-2 against the numbers. While .500 is good at a lot of things, gamblin aint one of them. You gots ta pay da vig, its what keeps bookies alive & kicking.

I find myself $330.00 in the hole from a bizarre week 1 wagers. Here's hoping I can turn it around, so I can spend my winnings eating poi & pineapples at the Shorebird on sunny Waikiki.

This weeks picks.

Baltimore - 4 @ Tennessee. Baltimores defense played a great 30 minutes of football last Sunday night. Unfortunately, the games last 60 min. They shut down the Colts, no small task for a non Belicheck D. Tennessee never showed up last week. Different week, same results for Tenn. $110.00 on Baltimore -4

Atlanta +1 @ Seattle. Mike Holmgren will be pulling his hair out, wishing he was back in Green Bay by the third quarter. Shaun Alexander will get few chances to run, as a much improved M. Vick marches up and down the field, like Germany through Poland. Atlanta + 1 gets $110.00

San Diego and Denver both threw up stinkers last week. But at least San Diego looked like they cared. San Diego +3 gets the lock of the week. $330.00 goes on the nose

Parlay special------- Usually I feel parlays are for suckers, but I feel this week that these 2 teams will make the number. $50.00 parlay Pittsburgh -6 & Detroit - 2. At 13/5 odds, I'll gladly take their $130.00 on this one.

Well guys, there it is. Don't let my misstep last week get you down. I will make you money this year, keep the faith.


Anonymous said...

you know you are a complete loser...and all your picks suck?

I bet against you,,,and I am up big!!!

Southie Savant aka jimed said...

Told you I would make you money,
Why post as anonymous?