Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Week 1 has finally arrived. I can now stop wagering on Yahtzee with my friend Vinny Baggadonitz. Vinny is the kind of degenerate that takes out a loaded pistol & threatens your life, if you get a large straight.

As always, I am going into the new season with a REAL bankroll of $2000.00, and I intend to watch it swell to $5000.00 before the seasons over.

Wise guys will tell you that the home team starts off with a 2.5-3 point cushion, due to the fact that they are playing in friendly confines. While I tend to agree with the 2.5 head start, I almost always go against the 3 point buffer.

As always, the only way to make money off the wise guys, is to look for the wrong number. Almost every week, there are 1 or 2 glaring errors in the posted lines, you just have to be like a pig, rooting around for truffles, & sniff it out.

My picks for the Thursday game.

A glaring +7.5 number my local#22 is giving to the Raiders. Which means that if this game was to be played in Oakland, the Pats would be 4.5-5 point favorites, whichis the number I think this game should be. Way too much, I expect the number to dip to 4.5/5 around game time, as wise guys try to layoff some serious money that is bet on my selection.
Take Oakland & the 7.5 for $330.00.

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Anonymous said...

Planning on fading you all year...keep up the good work!