Monday, August 29, 2005


Dont look now folks, but the past 12 months just might have been the greatest in the history of sports, for a single market. For nowhere were more visionaries gathered together at a slice of time, than in the Hub.

Lets begin our look back with the WORLD SERIES CHAMPION BOSTON RED SOX. Thats right kids I said World Series Champs. Every person alive in Red Sox Nation, can die a happy death, knowing that they will not have to roam the Fens for all eternity, haunting the latest group of has beens & scared demi-gods.

In fact, the way it was accomplished, losing 3 straight, then winning the final four games against the Spankmes, could have only been thought up by the ravings of a madman. The look in Steinbrenner's eyes reminded me of a field trip I took in the 6th grade to a slaughterhouse. I watched in horror as a man swung a 16 pound sledge hammer & hit the biggest pig I have ever seen, square between the eyes. It didn't kill him, but he looked like Chris Chandler after his 299th concusion.

The only way to best describe the look in Mr. Money's eyes, other than abject horror, would probably be to read Edgar Allen Poe's " A Tell-tale Heart" on psychotropics.

Then, to sweep the St. Louis Cardinals, the same Cardinals who had twice beaten the Red Sox in game seven of the World Series. Tony Ya'loser, had no explanation for his teams failure to hit. sweet victory was ours!

Moving on :

The SUPER BOWL CHAMPION New England Patriots won their second Super Bowl in a row, and, third in four years. In this age of free agency & parity, this has got to be viewed as the greatest accomplishment in NFL history.

The team is all about the game. There is not a person on that 53 man roster worried about stats/playing time/image/cred. The dismantling of the Indianapolis Colts in the last two playoff years, has to be looked at as the most dominant of any team in a long time.

They beat the bejesus out of McNabb & the high-flying Eagles so badly, McNabb acted like a girl with morning sickness because of her prom date. Despite a valiant affort by the biggest blow hard this side of the WWE. Of course I am talking about T.O., you know, the guy who thew all his QBs under the bus. What a waste of talent on that self promoting A_HOLE!

Movin right along:

The BOSTON CELTICS are not the laughing stock, that the franchise slipped into over the last 10 years. They have quietly gotten younger, and better. If fact, they might have had the best draft of any team this year. I figure, once they get rid of Paul "not my system" Pierce, they will be a legitimate contender. or at least win the conference.


Who would have thunk it? After all these 30 years of me calling Harry Sinden the cheapest bastard on the face of the earth, it would seem I owe him an apology. For his Nostradamus-like vision, set the tone for the NHL to adopt a salary cap.

Don't look so surprised, for 20 years the BOSTON BRUINS had a self imposed salary cap, called "The Ray Bourque Rule", in which no player on the Bruins roster, would ever be allowed to make more than future Hall Of Famer Ray Bourque.

More Stanley Cups have been lost by the miserly ways of Sinden, from failure to open his purse strings at the trading deadline, than Carter has liver pills.

But its all good. A New NFL season is right around the corner. The Red Sox are in first place (1 1/2 games) & a new Bruins & Celtics teams can actually compete.

My Prediction for Superbowl XL

Pats 38

Philly 24

3-PEAT BABY!!!!!!!!!

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