Thursday, August 04, 2005

Bettors Edge

Here it is folks, my first football betting slip of the season. While sitting in my favorite Mafia owned bistro in Boston, enjoying a cold one, my man Pauley " The Animal" Piscatelli, also my man on the other end of many fall Sunday phone calls, asked me what I thought about American Football being played in Japan. I told him that Japan had most favored nation status with the USA, so in about 2 months, they will make it better, smaller, cheaper, & more consumer friendly, so buy stock in Sonyvision now.

He looked at me like I had 3 heads, shook his head & showed me a large weapon inside a shoulder holster. He then said that I shouldn't mess with him, as thinking hurt his head. He then asked me what I thought of the Indy Colts finally beating the Pats in January. I told him if it was played inside a dome, against the Team from lest year, Indy scores 10 points, not the measely 3 of last year.

I then inquired if the line for the first pre-season game between Indy & Atlanta was still Indy-2.5, he said it was & I dropped 100. on Indy. Their scrubs are better than Atlantas scrubs. Even with the injury to Stokley, who would only be on the field for the first quarter anyway, I see Indy winning this game 38-24, With Jim Sorgi throwing 3 TDs in the second quarter. This didn't seem to faze Pauley, so I told him about this site & how I was going to post my picks for the year, He laughed & asked if I was sure I wanted every one to see what a fish I was. I had to remind him about the money I had won from each and every year, for the last 7 years. he left in a huff after that, & stuck me with his bar tab.

Oh well, I will make that up this weekend.

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wikkidpissah said...

brilliant start, genius! that'll teach me to bet my kidney donation $$$ on the preseason pick of a Boston bus mechanic. not sure about savant, can back the idiot part though.