Saturday, June 18, 2005

George Bretts Hemoroids

Now you can own a piece of Major League Hall Of Famer, and AL MVP Gearge Brett. Seems a very unethical doctor has put George Bretts Hemoroid, the very one that sidelined him in the world series, up for bid on Ebay. "Own your very own picec of World Series History" the add states.

Dr. Puckereye, a leading surgeon in hemoroidal care, has put this piece up for sale. He states that you should save all your money up now, because he expects a large number of bids. He was recently quoted as saying, " This will make me an ass load of money"

In other major league historical auctions, be sure to be on the look out for J.R. Richards Aneurisim, and Three Fingers Brown's Missing Didgets.

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wikkidpissah said...

they stole mickey rivers' brain!!